New management models in the hybrid era

Eighteen months after millions of workers left the office to begin working remotely, many companies are gearing up for another fundamental shift in how knowledge work gets done. Welcome to the world of hybrid - and if you thought remote working was challenging, this new model will be even tougher to manage.

Our research finds that seven in ten companies say they expect to shift to hybrid workplace models within the next year. It also suggests that most are not ready for the change. They have often not agreed roles and responsibilities at a leadership level to oversee the transition. They lack the data to understand how, where and when work gets done. And they have not figured out how they will co-ordinate and manage teams across a mix of office and remote working environments.

New management models

Time to adapt

The CHRO is key to this transition. The role had already been gaining greater prominence in many organisations; the pandemic has given people leaders an even greater boost.

The reason is simple. Employee experience of these new working models will underpin the most important drivers of business success: overall business performance; purpose and ESG; and equality, diversity and inclusion. This elevates the position of the CHRO and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to grasp an even more influential role within the organisation.

To ensure a successful transition for their organisation, CHROs should focus on four main priorities:

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